Is Climate Control Right for You?

Climate Control

Is Climate Control Right for You? Have you been debating if you need a climate-controlled self-storage unit from Master Mini Storage? We have put together a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to help with your decision. Climate control keeps the storage unit's temperature within a certain range. Doing this helps protect belongings from damage that can be caused by extreme heat or cold. Controlled units are typically kept between 55 and 80 degrees. Is a climate-controlled unit necessary? Maintaining a consistent storage environment can help protect your belongings and climate-controlled units are the way to do that. Climate control reduces the chances that temperature-sensitive items could be damaged by preventing the unit from getting too hot or too cold. This amenity is beneficial for anyone storing delicate items or living in a region where extreme temperatures are common. How hot can a storage unit get? Storage units that do not have climate control, such as drive-up access units that do not have the insulation of an indoor building, can reach temperatures up to 120 degrees in certain regions. Storage items can be damaged by extreme heat in an uncontrolled storage unit. Can my unit get too cold? If temperatures drop below freezing in your area, then you should be concerned about your storage unit getting too cold. Furniture, electronics, musical instruments, and other sensitive items can shatter, crack, warp, or stop functioning properly in too cold of temperatures. What about humidity? Humidity can cause mold and mildew growth on your items. A unit that is too humid can damage delicate items like photographs, artwork, books, clothing, and more when kept in an uncontrolled self-storage unit. What items need to be in climate-controlled units? Most items can benefit from climate-controlled storage, items that are delicate like antiques, musical instruments, and china, will be safer in a temperature-controlled unit as they are more sensitive to extreme temperature changes. How long you are going to be storing items as well as where you live can help ...

May 30th, 2022